Jennifer Ross, Registered Nurse, BSN, CBT

Jennifer Ross, Registered Nurse, BSN, CBT

Stress reduction for those wanting a

"No pills, Less talk" alternative


I work with busy women that have a hard time slowing down.  From the living room to the boardroom and sun up to sun down these women are responsible for everyone and everything.  Whether chauffeuring kids or competing in the corporate world there is little to no time to decompress and refresh.

With calendars busting at the seams they amaze themselves that it all comes together in the end, they get the job done and make it look effortless.  In a race to keep it all held together and avoid the crash, with life playing out, and the merry-go-round cycles back around, the fatigue sets in, the emotions overflow and they question their value to others, if their efforts were noticed and if it even made a difference or not.

These women value health and happiness, meaningful relationships, and the finer things in life - because after all, they deserve it! 

Did you know that “Stress is responsible for up to 90% of Doctor’s office visits?” 
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Stress is like a pearl.  When an irritant enters the oyster shell it works day in and day out to coat the intruder, layer by layer until it is contained.  Your stress is very much the same way.  When you have experiences or events that you are unable to deal with or find too stressful to process, that energy is contained within you and it becomes your "pearl".  With stress coming at you all day, every day, your "pearl" keeps growing and you have to continue layer by layer to contain it so that it doesn't disrupt your life.  The problem is, this can lead to physical symptoms and chronic health issues when suppressed.  

Imagine what a day without stress would look like...feel like?  


Ask yourself if the following statements apply to you:

  • Do you feel you have to "do it all"?
  • Are you able to push through what is needed, but end up exhausted or emotionally drained?
  • Do you feel like what you do is never enough?
  • Do you help everyone else first?
  • Do you get angry or frustrated easily?
  • Are you always busy and carry a lot of responsibility?
  • Do you find that your mind won't turn off or calm down?
  • Does it feel like you don't have time to care for your health needs or make yourself a priority?
  • Do you feel stuck in your life or feel like you don't have any options to change your situation?

If you said YES to any of these questions, then you are in the right place my friend.

The subconscious mind shapes 95% or more of our life experiences.
— The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton PhD

You need some new tools in your tool belt to help you manage your stress better.  The best way to address change is to reduce stress by letting the subconscious guide the way.


Jennifer is a Registered Nurse who saw the impact of stress in patients for the past 17 years and realized that it was only getting worse.  Patients were collectively getting sicker and harder to take care of due to the many ways that stress is affecting their health.  With 70% of the body's immune system housed in the gut and 90% of the body's Serotonin made in the digestive tract, being healthy requires a holistic approach to wellness.  There is NO magic pill or singular focus option.  It takes work, effort and consistency to be healthy in today's world.

Her intention is to walk along side you as you learn ways to reduce stress and support your body, mind and spirit by changing the way you respond to stress in the first place. 

Just think of what can be accomplished with your very own personal Nurse.

Create the view you want to's up to YOU.