Welcome to Intentional Balancing!

I am glad you are taking a step towards improving your health.  Biofeedback is a gentle practice of teaching the body to let go of stress thereby improving overall health and wellness.  

Biofeedback can work on so many issues within the body electric promoting balancing of the mind, body and spirit.   Do you struggle with managing stress?  Has this caused any health issues (such as high blood pressure, headaches, digestive problems) or maybe mental/emotional issues (anxiety, depression, doubt, negative self talk)?  Whatever symptom(s) you are having, it is your body's way of communicating that there is an imbalance that Biofeedback can support through gentle wave-forms.   Since our bodies are electric they are able to communicate beautifully through Biofeedback in a relaxed state. 

My intention is to walk along side you as you learn ways to reduce your stress and support your body, mind and spirit by changing the way you respond to stressors in the first place.  Biofeedback is not a quick fix, it is a gentle practice of teaching the body to let go of stress, but with consistent effort to support your body it is amazing how your health can begin improving.



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